About Us

What is Top Links?

Top Links helps you find the web's best resources for everyone, no matter you are an individual, or business. 

What is our Mission?

Many search engine today give you good result when you search something. The problem is many website appears in the search result, which one is really relevant to the category you are searching for?

SEO has been so much unpredictable and violated by some business who are so eager to place their link on top of search result. That only means they are good in SEO skills, but it might not mean the website is really helpful.

With Top Links, we harvest all the popular, top and famous links, simply your searching process and result. All you need to do is to specify what category you are looking at, result return to you is a list of URL that relevant to the category.

Everyone can vote to give reputation to the links, that will help other users to decide which is the favourite link for many others.

What is our Vision?

We are aiming to grow our resources as much as possible, without compromising the quality of the resources. 

What If I Have Further Questions?

If you have questions about Top Links that are not answered here or you would like to inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact us here.